Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Family Letter

Well it is Halloween again. As my family can attest this is the time when I like to send your average “Christmas letter”. I do this because it often turns out a little scarier than sentimental, which means that it is more appropriate for Halloween. This year for Halloween Kaleb is going to be Anakin Skywalker, and as he has never seen the third installment of Star Wars due to it’s PG-13 rating he keeps asking me how Anakin becomes Darth Vadar. It is a good opportunity to talk about good choices and bad choices. I am a little worried about the day he turns thirteen and actually watches the third installment, because I may have gotten a little enthusiastic about my explanation and Kaleb may feel the actual movie a little dull. While on the subject of Kaleb I suppose I ought to mention to those who haven’t noticed he has learned how to use the telephone. Grandparents love it. Dad does as well. He gets sweet little messages from Kaleb--six or seven times daily.
Octavia is going to be a princess for Halloween. She is getting into character by ordering the neighbor boys to pull her in the wagon and stand guard when Anakin comes with his light saber (good choices Kaleb, good choices). The boys here are little gentlemen and are always opening her doors for her and asking her if she needs anything. It really is adorable. Tavi also watches as many princess type movies as she can which helps her prepare for the role of damsel in distress. Fortunatly we are intermingling them with star wars so she when she gets in trouble she can wait for the prince, or shoot her way out with her blaster--a girl has got to keep her options open. Octavia still asks when we are going to move back by Jeanette, to which I have no answer because it breaks my heart. I think on a whole the kids are adjusting though and I am very proud of the way the are willing to try new things.

Chad is still working a ton, and on a daily average is getting fewer threats that he will recieve bodily harm from his employees, so the hospital seems to be coming around to the change. We are hoping he can come home for Christmas with us, but he can't be sure. I stay home with Tavi and we are buddies. We both agree our favorite part of the day is picking Kaleb up from the bus. Danny is coming into town in a week and we are very excited. Kaleb has already planned a bunch of fun things to do, and Danny even gets to play with Kaleb's spare light sabar. That's love right there. I read this to Kaleb and he didn't think I was very funny, but he said if I put the word fart in my letter it would be funnier. I refused, so I'm sorry if this post is a little dull to some.

Becky asked for a few more pictures of the house, Tavi was so excited she got right to work. Enjoy.


Happy Birthday Kaleb!
Kaleb had a fun time on his Birthday with the neighborhood kids. Everything was Star Wars and he was happy playing games and watching the movies.
The kids played hide and seek. Unfortunately, poor KJ wasn't told that the game had ended. Mr. Chad finally had to seek him in Kaleb's closet to take his picture. Everyone ate their weight in junk food, but Kaleb's friend Tyler ate half a bottle of pickles and had a tummy ache by the end of the party. One kid lost, one sick, and everyone Star Wars crazed...the party was a success.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

For Brad's sake

Brad wanted to see the new car, so here it is. I know what you are thinking, they are a little too nice for the Petersen clan. Fret not, Kaleb is kicking on the back of the seats and Tavi is asking Daddy pretty please can she bring her chocolate milk with her when we go to the store, so it will only be a matter of time before we are restored to our normal state of Peterseness. We are in South Carolina now. It has been a bit of a culture shock, they boil peanuts until they are soggy(why, for the love, why?) They eat these soggy green leaves that no lie taste like what smelly feet smell like.

The bugs here are merciless-it is easier to see the red blotches than Kaleb's legs. Thank goodness for deep woods OFF!! Though I may as well add that he is outside with all of his free time having a blast, so they are more like battle scars to show where he has been. There are bugs here that are huge, and I must say I have never seen before. Perhaps that is why they feel it a pleasure to enjoy our newly found southern hospitality and stay snuggly all over the house. All joking aside, the people in South Carolina are very kind, and everyone has been more than polite to us. The church is true no matter where you live.
Chad works fourteen hour days and is getting the hospital whipped into shape, and I am at home with the kids. Kaleb is going to school and is in heaven as the school has a sand box, and a few other star wars crazed kids to play with. We are still missing Bremerton, but as my mother says you bloom where you are planted, I just hope with all the fried food out here, I bloom upward, and not outward. All is going well for us and we are still finding our strength in the Lord, and pray you all are as well.