Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lindsey's Wedding

Lindsey and Nick were married on July 18, 2009. I obviously don't have a lot of pictures, but when I get more, I'll re post. The kids and I went down to Utah a few weeks early to help get ready for the wedding. There is a line in the movie Emma, when Emma comments she came early to help get ready for the party and she is told she is actually late the whole party was already there to help get ready for the party. That is kind of how I felt. We spent most of our time before the wedding chasing after Jake and Micheal, my sister Becky's two year old twins. I have affectionately renamed them divide and conquer. We had an awesome trip up to Bear Lake to see my Dad and Danny's new house--the kids climbed up the huge mound of dirt and got dirty "Bloomington" style. Then we went swimming in the lake for our bath. It was like sharing my childhood with my kids. When Lindsey's Wedding Day finally came we all got the salon treatment as Lindsey and her friends did our hair. Then we went over to Nick's house and waited. It was hot, not that I get to complain--I wasn't the one in the fifty pound dress, but it was hot. Tavie got to be a flower girl, and Kaleb was the ring barer. She dropped just the right amount of petals, and he dropped nothing, so both were a success. I was Lindsey's Maid of Honor, so I walked down after the kids, and can I just say everyone staring at you, camera's going off in your face, it took all my will power not to strike a pose, I was humming to myself, "The cat walk, the Catwalk, I strut my little stuff on the catwalk." Then I gave way for Lindsey to come down the isle. She was radiant on my father's arm and held herself so beautifully. I am not sure when she grew into a woman, but for the first time I really saw she had grown up and was no longer the little girl who used to watch me sleep and ran around with long hair in her face and no shoes on. I admit I cried a little, only a little--did I mention it was hot, and there was little liquid left in my body to spare? It was a sweet event and I know myself, and my family were grateful for all who came and helped out. The reception was also an outpouring of love and support, and I split my time between serving the cake we had in over abundant supply thanks to Costco, and greeting family and old friends. Those who came toward the end of the reception were doubly blessed, as my brother David started sending them home with a parting gift of a chocolate Costco cake or a strawberry cheese cake. In some cases, I have to think some of the guests may have come out ahead on that one. Lindsey and Nick finally cut the wedding cake that my sister in law Jen made (she's amazing? Good job Ben--he can pick em). Over all it was a lovely event. We are excited to welcome Nick into our family and send Lindsey packing over to his, wait is that how it works? Jokes--we know Lindsey and Nick will be very happy and can only wait until Thanksgiving to see whose house they spend it at to see who gained whom I suppose--I did hear that in Clayton CA there will be a pie cooking contest, and we need some fresh judges--I'm only saying. Congrats Lindz and Nick!