Monday, March 30, 2009

Kaleb’s Theatrical Début

We had dinner the other night with the missionaries and we realized that one of the Elders had been in the ward as long as we had. We were joking that we might be transferred out of the ward before he was. Despite us not knowing where we will end up life has been going on as usual. Kaleb has tread the boards quite a bit lately. He had a concert at School last Thursday. He did an excellent job. It was so fun to see him singing and doing all the movements along with the rest of the first graders. Kaleb was extremely vibrant with his 'this is a big world' arm movements and the little girl next to him had to bob and weave a couple of times, but he never missed a beat. He was awesome! Tavi was sitting on the floor in the front by the teacher helping the kids remember the movements, she was also fantastic, although not quite as polished as Kaleb. Tavi has a natural propensity toward being on a stage, and a few times, I thought we may have to physically hold her back from getting on the stage with her brother. We allowed her to go up to the stage and get her picture taken with Kaleb after it was over, and she can't wait until she is in first grade. Kaleb was a good sport and shared the lime light with her. Yesterday we went to Kaleb's reader's Theater, he played Prince Alarming in Slurping Beauty. This was not type casting--but his snorting laughter was believable, and he got all the laughs in the group. He told jokes like what did the bee say to the flower--buzz off, get it buzz off? He was confident and adorable, and we were so proud. With a propensity toward drama lately, we are still waiting to see where we are going to relocate to, but in the mean time on or off the stage, the kids are amusing, and keeping us distracted.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Octavia turns five just in time

Well Octavia turned five on St. Patricks Day. We had a princess party on the Saturday before. Kaleb introduced the two little girls who came to his light sabers so it wasn't a damsel in distress princess party, it was more like a princess Lea princess party. Tavi was so funny the day after she officially turned five she started wearing lipstick and accessories. It was nice that Tavi got this fun day, after we learned that Chad will no longer be assigned to this hospital. So we are moving again. Tavi turned 2 in Grand Junction, 3 and 4 in Bremerton, and 5 in Columbia, Heaven only knows where she will turn 6. It should be interesting. As for us we are taking everything in stride and we know the Lord has a plan for us.