Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our search for The Great Pumpkin

Octavia's class had a field trip to a pumpkin patch and I tagged along. I was responsible for two other girls besides Tavy, and I didn't lose one of them. I know you are thinking it is only three little girls, but it was a huge pumpkin patch with corn maze included, so I'm going to take a little pat on the back. After a man taught us how to play a wash board and turn a broom and a string into a bass we boarded a trailer pulled by the tractor to go find the biggest pumpkin possible to take home. I didn't realized that all the other parents were telling there groups that the kids had to pick out a pumpkin they could carry by them selves. Oh no, I actually encouraged my girls to pick out any old pumpkin they wanted. Tavy of course rounded out the group picking a pumpkin a little smaller than your average box fan. I suppose you can see where I am going with this, me carrying four huge pumpkins through this pumpkin patch, while trying to coax my girls to wade through the rain and mud carefully so they didn't go down like the boys who were using the muddy road like a slip and slide. I don't have any pictures of me sliding through the mud, balancing four huge, dirty pumpkins through the pumpkin patch, I had the camera in the backpack I was hauling with our freshly picked pomegranates, the girls lunches, and four water bottles. The experience was awesome, and I am so glad I get to have them with my kids. We had fun looking at Native American dwellings, and we even got to see the inside of a bee hive, the queen bee has a blue spot to distinguish her from her fellows. It's good to be queen, just ask Tavy who has a huge pumpkin waiting to be carved on the kitchen table.

Kaleb turns Eight

Kaleb had a very hard decision before him as he turned eight years old. Before you think that Baptism is a hard commitment for Kaleb to make, that isn't the decision he struggled over, he's not even pausing before that one. No our Kaleb was told he could either get a Wii, or have a party. Kaleb struggled with this decision and finally decided he wanted the Wii. We did however have a huge "Play date" with a couple of his friends and I made a Pokemon cake. No it is nothing to Aunt Jen's creations, but if I gave you a stack of cards you could probably recognize this fella as an Ambipom. Kaleb had a blast and is excited that everyone will be coming down next month for his baptism. In the mean time we all are loving the Wii.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Becky and Lindsey plus some

Aunt Lindsey got her fill of Neices and Nephews.

Uncle David took us all for Ice Cream at Ghirardelli Square.

We unleased the twins on an unsuspecting San Fran.

Micheal made sure our breaks were working.

Exausted kids, always a good sign!!

Soap Box Racing

Here is Kaleb at the annual soap box derby in Clayton. The community lets over 200 kids use their soap box cars and drive down main street while the announcer is yelling turn--turn--folks that is why you don't sit on the bales of hay lining the street. Kaleb did very well (he stayed straight the whole way down the street) and he won both his heats. Octavia was too young to participate, but she ran along the road yelling, "Go Kaleb, go." While we waited for our heats, the kids played in the Clayton City Fire Engine, and a real drag race car. It was a fun day.