Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amazing what can happen in a month

WOW!!! It has been a month (okay 2) since we have posted and looking back a lot has happened. I know that I will leave things out but here goes nothing. We have spent the last few weeks on vacation with Katherine's family. We drove down to San Diego and spent a week there, it was very enjoyable to be on vacation. We went to Knott's Berry Farm, it was a blast the kids really enjoyed it and the uncles enjoyed it even more. David found out that Kaleb is tall enough to ride all of the big fun rides. He tried all the big roller coasters and only had 2 that he would not go on a second time. Tavi enjoyed hanging out with her cousin and getting her face painted. She was our pretty princess fairy.

Uncle Danny aka "The Chicken Whisper"

Chad found a way to keep track of the kids including the twins at the beach. and they LOVED IT!!!

We also went to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Life park. The kids enjoyed being able to see the different animals, Kaleb's favorite was the cheetahs.

I think that the petting zoo was the funniest part with the twins, they would walk around and pet and enjoy the animals. One time one of them turned and there it was, they had what we hoped to be dirt in there mouth we all knew it was not but the alternative of seeing your child eating poop was not good. So we will just call it dirt.