Saturday, November 15, 2008

IPhone VS. Blackberry

Last Weekend Danny came out and we spent the weekend comparing Danny's IPhone to Chad's Blackberry. As soon as we collected Danny from the Airport the battle commenced. Danny's IPhone automatically changed to South Carolina time-pretty impressive. Already the Blackberry is falling behind(though Chad makes the valid point that his was already in south Carolina time-I think someones a little sensitive). Uncle Danny's phone had a built in GPS, and the touch screen allowed Kaleb to pretend that he had a light saber-Sorry Dad, Kaleb is voting IPhone. Then next day while Chad was at work, we went to Madagascar 2 which we were able to plot the show time, cost and route all on Uncle Danny's phone. We had a blast and felt it our duty to eat through two refills of popcorn because holy cow we paid enough for it-everyone left with a belly ache, but we got our money's worth. It was a lot of fun. We went home and then began the remote control tank wars. Uncle Danny told Kaleb he was bringing him a surprise. After we had to tell him it wasn't Grandpa John (for some reason Kaleb was so sure it had to be Grandpa because Danny said it was the coolest surprise ever-pause for sentimental interlude- Ahhh), Kaleb was almost as pleased to get these small remote controlled tanks that had laser battles. It was a blast aside from the fact that for some reason I "accidentally" got the tank that's battery wasn't fully charged. My tank died and Danny recovered from almost being beat by his little sister. Very convenient.

The next day we took Danny to the Darlington race way-or should I say Danny's Iphone took us? It was cool to see how little the track actually is. I thought they were so much bigger when I saw them on TV. As Ben Stiller said in Night at the Museum, "The South may have lost the war... but it got Nascar." Kaleb and Tavia saw the fabulous Hudson Hornet. My favorite nascar inspired moment was in the gift shop. I found that for the female following Nascar has developed a serious of Romance novels. I was a little boisterous in my amusement and may have offended the sales clerk, but seriously Nascar meets Harlequin, there's so much material there. Grandma Doris would be proud because after eating at a restaurant where smoking was still permitted, yes, we are in the south, we all got on our thick socks and went bowling, packing our day from start to finish. Danny won barely beating Kaleb, then me and Chad barely beat Tavia, yes people the bumpers were on and still no one broke 100. It was a lot of fun watching the kids toss the ball down the lane, the men bowling next to us were so amused they gave the kids superman stickers. When we got home from the bowling we had a BBQ and rented a movie. We got Ice cream from Buster's, and not realizing what I was ordering, I got birthday cake with M&M's. We all needed an insulin shot after that one. The next morning we took Danny back to the airport. Tavia popped bubbles on the touch screen of the IPhone when she could get it away from Kaleb playing Star Wars again. Danny's trip out was short, but extremely appreciated. I think that at this point we all know which phone is preferred by the kids, and can any other test subjects be more important to a fun loving uncle?

Whooose a super cutie???

Recon Mission

Well last weekend we had a visitor and we did a little recon for May 8th and 9th!!

We are now taking reservations for the big event. We have room for all, and all are welcome.