Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter Comes in Threes

This year the kids had three Easter Egg hunts. The first one was in Clayton. This really cool lady in our ward planned and carried out an Easter egg hunt. The second was in Utah at my mom's house. It was on the day we drove in, and we had started out at two in the morning, so it was a little drowsy. The third egg hunt was at Grandma Barb's house with Braxton and Chelsea. The Easter Bunny really out did himself this year, and we are still eating all the candy we brought home with us. I think once we drove home, Tavy was going through Easter withdrawals, because a few days after our trip I found her Easter basket hidden behind our desk with four real, uncooked eggs in it. It had been there at least 24 hours. She said it was an Easter surprise for me. I was defiantly feeling surprised--it was mingled with other feelings as well. After we celebrated Easter, we drove up to spend some time with Grandpa Roy and Grandma Ruth. It was so nice to see them. We got to see them twice while we were up in Utah, and the second time we even played a game of Rumicube, and Grandpa took us all. We also had the opportunity to go up to Idaho to see my Dad and Danny's new house. It is really nice and we are really excited to spend the summer in Bear Lake. On our way home from Idaho Grandpa John and Grandma Doris took us to Baby Days in Logan. The kids held baby everything--kitties, duckies, chickies, bunnies, they rode ponies, and petted baby goats. The kids took a ride on a wagon. Then we had a lasso, and tried to rope wooden cows. I showed the kids how it was done, roping Kaleb with a surprising ease, but I've had so much practice--that's how we got through our terrible twos. Kaleb lassoed the wooden cow a few times, and Tavy even figured it out after a while. There was a pole that had money stuck to it with butter--Kaleb saw it and pulled of his shoes and socks immediately. That child tried everything he could to climb up to the money, his shirt still has grease stains on it. He would get close to the money and then he would slide down the pole trying to scamper back up like an old cartoon--his legs were moving forward, but he sure wasn't. Yellowstone had baby bears at the exhibit, and the little cubs ran around this play pen trying to climb up the ranger's leg. The kids were asking for pet bear cubs after and we had to explain, yes, they are adorable--but they get bigger. We came home and went to Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Aunt Amy and Grandma Barb, I think that one day we will own that movie, my favorite line: "Rodrick started it," "So you decided to pee on him?" All in all the trip was a fantastic blur. I came home to runny eggs, and a realization that yes, I did eat a cricket--but after motherhood, I think your eww factor has gone way down, and it was covered in BBQ seasoning. So what you going to do?