Sunday, May 18, 2008

San Deigo Here We Come

So with the trip just a little over a month away we have been looking at how we will get there and figure we will make a nice trip out of it and drive. We will leave town and stay just out side of Mount St Helen's. I think that it would be cool since we live pretty close that the kids need to see it. Imagine waking up to this.

Then its down the 101 / 105. Stopping along the way to other cool site. Kat says we need to try and stop at Ghirardelli Square so we will have to fit that in. May be on the trip home. I don't know something about loading the kids with sugar and driving a long ways just makes you want to go and beat your head against the wall. We may try and be in LA for the 4th. Jury is still in deliberation on that. There are sure a lot of National Parks along the way. None the less it is looking like this will be tons of fun.
Here is a little taste. Looking out at one of the views at the house. (Promotional mind you)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer is here

Well the sun finally has come out, after months of gray skys and rain. Today it was 88 and beautiful. It all started last night when I found some genealogy information and cool pictures. I was able to find journal entries and even an auto-biography of John Prodger Wright. He is my Great-Great-Grandpa. Here he is in his working in his store back in the late 1800’s. This almost makes you want to keep more pictures.

Today as we were out trying to enjoy this nice day we did our bi-monthly shopping and saw a great deal on BBQ’s. SO we went and got the truck and are now the proud owner of another BBQ. Oh how the food tastes better on a grill. After dinner we decided that we would play games. It was duck, duck, goose, so after being made fun of for being so old and not being able to sit criss-cross applesauce it was game on. After a few rounds we remembered that you can always substitute other words in, so it was chicken, prince, garbage head, smelly feet, and so on. So on Tavi’s turn she walked around and it was duck, duck, and goose no I mean chicken, duck, goose and Katherine was it. Octavia decided that after she was half way around that she would run a little slower claiming that she was so tired (now walking) saying get me mom, get me. Katherine now on the floor laughing so hard she could not move. What a great night to enjoy those childhood years. I almost forgot what funny things they say.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flowers everywhere

So my parents came in town for a long weekend. They even brought Amy along which was really fun.

We decided that since it was not feasible to travel to Holland to see the fields of flowers that we would go and see the Sakgit Valley tulip festival that they have here in Washington.

They had many many different colors of flowers.