Monday, October 4, 2010

This summer in Recap

We had so much fun this summer, I didn't stop to blog. After the kids finished their school year, we sat around doing nothing for about a week--well not nothing, we jumped on the trampoline, planted some tomato's, decorated our new rooms (Kaleb cut out little pictures of Pokemon, and stuck them to the wall), and we just relaxed. Then we were done with that pretty quickly and took off on a massive road trip. We drove up to Washington State, to see old friends and help Miss Robyn move. It was so good to see everyone again, and I'm not sure I helped Robyn as much as I should have considering I was always out 'playing' however, I figure as I took her girls with me most of the time, that has to count for something. We stayed a couple of nights with Kathleen, and she was gracious as always. It was such a great chance to see how's she is doing. Then we stayed over at Jessie and Jason's house. This was a blast! The kids loved playing Dance revolution with Jeffery and Jonah, and Jessie and I stayed up every night watching shows until our eyes grew dry and blurry forcing us to sleep. Jessie was exhausted by the end of our trip, but she was such a good sport and we had such fun! The first few days we spent painting Miss Robyn's house. Tavy was in heaven with the girls, and even painting and cleaning can be a blast when you're doing it with good friends. This is about the time I acquired the name 'master packer,' and though I only packed the pictures and other delicate items, I'm going to own it because I've moved enough that I feel I've earned it. We took the girls to a primary party and their very cool teachers had arranged a 'shove the other kid's face in a plate of whip cream' game. The teachers were such good sports about us coming and my kids were so glad they got to crash. Thursday night Amy had a going away party for Miss Robyn. It was so fun to see everyone and I could just feel how much Robyn's family meant to the huge amounts of people who showed up to say good-by and wish them well. It was so nice to see everyone and I still feel like they are a piece of me, like I finally gave in and grew up in Washington, so it's a part of me--or there maybe there's something addictive in the water, either way, I'm hooked. Friday night we said good-bye to miss Robyn and the girls after their piano recital. It was sad for everyone but me, who realized they moved only five hours from my dad's house in Idaho--yeah me! We went to a movie with Jessie and Jason, that night, and Tavy lost her tooth, making her toothless in the front. The next day Jessie spent in Squim picking strawberries. She brought them home, and they were so beautiful, I almost wanted one, but as I'm highly allergic, I stayed away from them. And now we know Kaleb is highly allergic as well. I spent the night in the ER with Kaleb who'd gone into anaphylactic shock. He was a trooper, and after they pumped him full of steroids his body calmed down and about three in the morning we finally made it back to Jessie's house. I tried to convince him he needed to pump some iron and take full advantage of the steroids, but he wasn't having it. We were supposed to leave that next morning, but I was afraid to drive on no sleep, so we stayed through Sunday--and Jessie and Jason were saints about it, I love knowing I have such good friends out their. We went to church and I've always loved our old ward in Washington, so that was nice. Then we went over to Amy's house and walked with her and her boys down to the park by the Sound. It was a blast, the kids turned over rocks and caught whatever they could manage to hold with out squealing. Tavy collected shells, and insisted on taking them with us stinking up the car the whole way down to Utah. We made it down to Utah about the same time as Becky and her family, and Danny and Debbie. We had two great fourth of July celebrations, since we were in Utah--which does the always celebrates the 4th right, but it was on Sunday, so we had a parade in Kaysville on Saturday--fireworks at Davis high with my all of my family, and Grandma Bab's Grandpa Scott, Brad and Mo, and Amy and plenty of Glow sticks--we managed to only lose the twins once. Then we had another parade on Monday. We went to the carnival in Layton City and the kids almost went into heat exhaustion jumping on huge inflatable toys--we lost the twins a few more times--but there were inflatable toys so what are you going to do? We went over to Nick and Lindsey's house that night and Nick started lighting off fire works. The kids each got a sparkler and held it until the dancing light got close enough to there hands that it made them nervous enough to drop it. At which point of course we all rushed to stomp it out. Ah, you have to love the fourth of July. Happy Birthday USA! After the fourth we went up to Idaho where poor sweet Debbie was riding the four wheeler and got a shiner, just before her luncheon. My mom had a luncheon at the Lion House so all of our relatives could meet Debbie. It was nice, the food was great and every one loved Debbie, but then how could you not? Chad had flown in for Danny and Debbie's lunch, and the next day we all drove back to California. After we came home, Jessie and her boys drove down from Washington--it happened to be at the same time my mom came to visit. Jessie was introduced to California, Grandma Doris style, and after the delights of In-N-Out Burger, Fairy Tale Land, Water World, China Town, the Golden Gate Bridge, an Oakland A's game, and Ghirideli Square, everyone was exhausted, and just wanted a day at home doing nothing. After Jessie and my parent's left, we had a few quiet days and I realized that Kaleb was having a harder time breathing as he slept since his allergic reaction. His tonsils have always been huge so I knew something needed to be done. However, we were only a week and a half away from school starting again, and I was really worried I would have to pull him out of school for two weeks to get it done because in California, there is so much red tape even getting into a doctor--let alone getting his tonsils out I couldn't do it quickly. After I spent a few days trying to figure out how to transfer all Kaleb's information so I could get him on a waiting list for an appointment in a few months, despite his being hospitalized--I just decided I would take him back to Utah and get it done. I left for Utah on Sunday after church, and by Wednesday, Kaleb's tonsils were out--tah da. It's funny it was so easily done at last. Doctor after doctor, state after state, time after time of hearing, "Oh, we really need to get those out, let's set a time for a sleep test--or any other test that will take months--oh you're moving next week, well find a doctor where you're going to do it." It is such a relief to have it done--and I still have to check to see if he's breathing some nights because he's grown so quiet. Kaleb couldn't drive home for ten days, so we just hung out at my mom's, and the Kids missed the first three days of school, but I think that's better than two weeks somewhere in the middle. My mom bought Kaleb a DSI as an early Birthday Present and he was pretty out of it most of the time, so I just let him play it. I think my wow--really? What were you thinking moment was when I figured since we were there anyway, I'd make Kaleb and Tavy go to the dentist. Poor Kaleb had six teeth pulled and a spacer put in on top and bottom, and Tavy got three teeth pulled and a spacer put in. On the bright side we did learn that the tooth fairy pays double for teeth pulled by the dentist--especially for little boys who just had their tonsils out. I think it's safe to say that I just let them veg for days with out expecting anything out of them except to take their medicine. I don't know if this was the best move as Kaleb is now extremely attached to his DSI, and he spent a half hour 'going to the bathroom' after I told him to turn it off. It was a relief to go back to school. Who ever heard of the regiment of a school schedule to slow you down? After the few hard adjustments change naturally brings Kaleb and Tavy have already made friends at their new school and are glad to be away from the car. The summer was a blast, thank-you to everyone who made it possible. Especially Chad who was such a good sport when he had to miss out on some of the fun to work.