Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tavy Turn's Six

On March 17 Tavy turned six. This year we told our kids, they could choose to have a present or a party. Kaleb of course went for the present. Tavy however, started kindergarten this year, and for the last few months she has become obsessed with the idea of a birthday party. For months, Tavy was very boisterous about the birthday party she decided she was having. At some point or other she told every kindergartner at her school they were for sure invited to her party, especially if they had a better snack than she did. So by the beginning of March Tavy assured us that her whole class was coming to her party. Chad and I looked into options, and found a fun place full of bounce toys that we could rent and she could invite all her friends. It became very apparent that Tavy has her daddy wrapped around her little finger because it took no effort at all for her to convince daddy that she just had to have her birthday party at Pump it Up. The party was on her actual birthday which is St. Patrick's Day. On a side note, I feel sorry for Kaleb's wife, she is going to wonder why Kaleb has this overwhelming need to throw huge bashes on St. Patrick's Day--"Come on hun, St. Patrick's Day? We aren't Irish." Anyway, when the day arrived, we had 30 kids confirmed for the party. It turns Tavy stayed very vocal about her party and all the kids she invited just had to come. There are 32 kids in Tavy's class, and a solid majority of them came. We had a blast. Chad and I were right there with the kids playing in the bounce houses, while the other parent's who choose to stay sat on the benches looking at us like we were goofs, but we had a blast! Kaleb invited a friend, and they also had a lot of fun. Before we went into play the kid's were hyper, and excited. After and hour and a half of bouncing we went in for snacks and cake, and they had all wilted. More than one parent told me they felt sure their kid was going to sleep well. Tavy sat in a inflatable throne and we all sung Happy Birthday to her. It was a great birthday, and that night as I put Tavy to sleep I noticed she does seem so grown up. I still remember so vividly that sweet little baby girl with the black tuffs of hair brought to me in the hospital with the sweet little green bow on her head. I sure love my girl.


Brad and Mo Petersen said...

You are a saint to host a party for that many kids! WOW!! Tell Tavi happy belated birthday from Aunt Mo, uncle Brad and Chelsea.

Islandalli said...

Awesome party. I want my birthday there next time. And I love love love the picture of baby Tavy. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

so stinkin cute!! Sad we could not be there to celebrate her big day. Hope it all went well! We love you guys and cant wait to see you in one week! happy b-Day Tavi!